Artificial Intelligence in Pharma


  • Keziah Ann Babu Pharm.D Intern, Department of Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy- Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical Sciences
  • Shirlin MS
  • Manjula Devi AS



Artificial Intelligence, Drug discovery, Personalized medicine


This paper aims to provide a better understanding of the possible applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of Pharmacy. Artificial intelligence basically involves complex information processing. It enables machines to carry out certain functions which were originally done by human and which required human intellect. Over the past few years, the use of artificial intelligence in the pharma has grown unimaginably and is now able to revolutionize the way drugs are discovered and handled. AI is capable of impacting the field of pharmacy at multiple levels. Pharmacy and medical education, drug development, personalization of drug therapy, drug safety, rational drug use, manufacture and formulation of dosage forms are areas of impact by AI. The fact that AI can displace humans at their own tasks is a matter of concern. Although there are ethical concerns regarding the implementation of AI in healthcare, it can be assured that no machine or system can replace many of the humanitarian duties.




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Babu, K. A., MS, S., & AS, M. D. (2021). Artificial Intelligence in Pharma. International Journal of Current Research in Physiology and Pharmacology (IJCRPP).



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